Fiance Visas


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s this going to cost me?

$1,500 for the Immigration Consultant plus $300 for the attorney review of the Immigration Consultant’s work.

I can get a visa from for $375, why should I hire you?

There are many typing services that will fill in your fiancé visa forms at a cost much less than what we charge.  Such services will enter your answers into forms exactly as you give the answers, even if the answers will result in denial.  Such services will submit your application package as your request, even if your request is flawed.  On the other hand, all applications prepared by our Immigration Consultants are also reviewed by an attorney to screen for common errors, such as failure to provide adequate evidence of a personal meeting.  Before typing your first answer into the first form for a fiancé visa, we advise you and your fiancé how to meet the requirements to help ensure that the visa is approved without delay.

Is approval guaranteed?

No.  Any attorney who guarantees approval is probably violating ethical rules.  We cannot guarantee approval because we don’t know whether your fiancé qualifies for a fiancé visa.  What if your fiancé is currently married to someone else, has tuberculosis, has been a member of the Communist Party, has been employed as an escort, has a disqualifying criminal conviction, or is otherwise disqualified from entry to the United States?  The fiancé visa process may reveal such sad but disqualifying circumstances.

What do I get for my money?

You get the required forms, but much more important is that you get our knowledge, advice, and experience.  We know the obstacles, traps, and tricks.  We know the process and we know the common and uncommon problems that fiances may face.  Our lead paralegal has even been through the entire process.  He got a fiance visa for his fiance, married her, got her work authorizations, adjusted her immigration status, got her citizenship, and even used that citizenship to obtain visas and permanent residency for her family so they could come to the United States at will.


How long will it take to get a fiancé visa?

Times vary but be prepared for it to take ten months or more.  The timeline is generally as follows:

  • One month from the time a petition is filed until USCIS acknowledges receipt.
  • Five months until USCIS approves the petition.
  • One month before the approval is forwarded to the National Visa Center.
  • Two months before the approval arrives at the embassy where the final approval will be issued.
  • One month to get needed examinations and get the visa in-hand.

Most of the time is spent waiting for USCIS.  We quickly file appropriate papers for each step along the process, but everyone is at the mercy of the bureaucracy.  Approvals may come in a few as three months, but neither we nor any other fiancé visa assistance organization can do much to speed up the process.  All we can really do is help you avoid delays by helping ensure that everything is done right the first time.